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This is a tribe that doesnt look down on a particular style of music because its fashionable to do so. If its good music, its good music. Period. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Steve Bassed
SF Bay Area
The Super Furry Animals  topic
new album out soon: illicitizen  topic
Dizzi Dulcimer  topic
moussa doumbia  topic
Waits - Glitter and Doom  topic
karl hector & the malcouns  topic
woods  topic
jacob fred jazz odyssey does ludwig  topic
new Jackie O-Motherfucker  topic
phish rare material  topic
Squirrels Forever, Forever Squirrels...  topic
the walkmen  topic
two versions "the beer"  topic
WEEN  topic
Goodbye Lux  topic
Amarins & Le Gatte Negre  topic
The Cherry Boppers  topic
NorCal in December  topic
Audio Junk  topic
Who Hates Dave Mathews?!  topic
attack and release  topic
Best Thing Ever -- Mark E. Smith Interview  topic
Unholy Passion by Will Oldham  topic
Top Ten Redneck Moments with The Silver Jews' D...  topic
R. Kelly  topic

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